HeatLand series

The HeatLandSeries creates a heat map in the GeoMap control, it helps to assign a numeric value to a region (country, state, continent, ... depends on the map) then based on the gradient a color will be assigned to each region, colors are interpolated lineally based on the data scale in the series.


HeatMap property

This property defines the gradient colors, it is an array of LvcColor where the first element in the array is the the smallest or coldest and the last item in the array is the greatest or hottest, any value between the chart limits will be interpolated lineally to create a new color, you can add as many colors as you need to define the gradient.

When this property is not specified, then it is assigned automatically based on the theme of the library.


ColorStops property

By default all the colors in the HeatMap property are separated equidistantly, you can define the distance between each color using the ColorStops property, it is an array of double, every item in the array must go from 0 to 1, where 0 is the "coldest" and 1 the "hottest", notice in the following sample how the black to blue gradient is only used in the last 10 percent of the gradient, while the yellow to black is used in the remaining 90% of the gradient.


For simplicity the image above shows the cartesian heat series, just to explain the property better.