Zooming And Panning

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Zooming and panning is disabled by default, you can enable it by setting the ZoomMode property, this property is of type LiveChartsCore.Measure.ZoomAndPanMode (enum) and the options are X, Y, Both and None (default), you can learn more about zooming an panning here.

In desktop, use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out, hold click and drag to move the view (panning).

View model

using System;
using CommunityToolkit.Mvvm.ComponentModel;
using LiveChartsCore;
using LiveChartsCore.SkiaSharpView;

namespace ViewModelsSamples.Lines.Zoom;

public partial class ViewModel : ObservableObject
    public ViewModel()
        var values = new int[100];
        var r = new Random();
        var t = 0;

        for (var i = 0; i < 100; i++)
            t += r.Next(-90, 100);
            values[i] = t;

        SeriesCollection = new ISeries[] { new LineSeries<int> { Values = values } };

    public ISeries[] SeriesCollection { get; set; }


@page "/Lines/Zoom"
@using LiveChartsCore.SkiaSharpView.Blazor
@using ViewModelsSamples.Lines.Zoom

	ZoomMode="LiveChartsCore.Measure.ZoomAndPanMode.X"> <!-- mark -->

@code {
	public ViewModel ViewModel { get; set; } = new();

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